Our Commitment To Innovation

Our research & development division prioritizes continuous innovation and improvement in regards to our manufacturing process. Ultimately, this means efficiency, exceptional product quality, and lower costs for our customers.

In addition to advancing the pellet manufacturing process, we are also committed to furthering in-house quality testing capabilities with our state-of-the art product testing labs. Our commitment to advancements in process and product engineering distinguishes us as an industry leader. These combined efforts led the Pellet Fuels Institute to formally recognize us as one of the first company to be designated as an EN plus A1 Certified Pellet Manufacturer.

Since we only process regional wood and obtain the chips for pellet production from our own sawmill (and therefore have no raw material transport costs), and electricity is produced in our own biomass power plant and with our own photovoltaic systems , our CO 2 footprint is exceptionally good.

Our operations are headquartered in the Bergamo, Italy, creating an unrivalled supply chain that has driven growth over the past couple of years across Europe and beyond.

Our pellets in paper bags are the contemporary alternative to plastic packaging, imported goods and pellets sold over a distance. In addition, there are excellent quality features (see DINplus values ​​and ENplus values, in particular with regard to fines, ash values, calorific value, etc.).


We supply and deliver bagged or bulk wood fuel. The wood pellets we supply are locally sourced biomass fuel, minimising the carbon emissions used during the pellet production process.

We Provide high quality premium pellets. Bags or Bulk loads of premium wood pellets. A full consultancy and advice service for all elements of wood fuel heating.

Bio Fiber Energy Srl has been operating in European markets. We became an exporter of biofuel to the countries like Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Belgium, France, Israel, Poland, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Greece and Globally. Long-term contracts with private and public sector companies are the best reputation of the company and confirmation of the high quality of products and services.

Our wood pellets are a carbon neutral eco-friendly alternative to Natural Gas, Oil and other environmentally unfriendly products. Wood pellets have an incredible heat output and efficiency rating; and, because of their uniform nature, can be automatically yet carefully regulated, much like oil or gas, using a hopper or feeder to your stove. Our wood pellets are additive free (meaning you can use them as fuel or compost), produce very few emissions, have an average moisture content of 8% and are from a 100% sustainable wood source in Italy. Please contact us for great discounts on larger volumes.

The timber that is used to make the premium wood pellets we supply are derived from virgin wood fibre from Italy sustainable forests. Our high-quality wood pellets are almost pure sawdust with lignin, a type of polymer used as a natural binder.

The Wood Pellets we supply are produced to ENplus A1, ENplus A2 & DINplus standard which is the highest standard in the market and ensures maximum energy content with minimum ash removal.

Wood Pellets Wholesale