ENplus is a certification of the quality of the wood pellets according to strict European standards. When you buy ENplus wood pellets by the ton from us, you can be sure that the goods meet the highest possible requirements and standards in relation to purity and energy content. We are are controlled by four generations of knowledge, expertise, and experience gained through 36 years of distributing millions of premium quality wood pellets and other wood energy fuels. ENplus A1 Wood Pellets Distributor Near me.

Wood Pellets For Sale

Bio Fiber Energy Srl is a certified ENplus Wood Pellet Supplier company, with code IT 381 located in Bergamo, Italy. We supply and deliver bagged or bulk wood energy fuels. The wood pellets for sale we supply are locally sourced biomass fuel, minimizing the carbon emissions used during the pellet production process. Our main export types of wood are: Pine, Spruce, Fir, Birch, Oak, Alder, Beech, Aspen, Ash, Hornbeam and poplar. If you need high quality wood fuels like Wood Pellets, Wood Briquettes, Firewood Logs, Wood Shavings, Sawdusts, then we got you covered. We offer an enormous variety of models and will also custom-build wood pellets for sale to your exact specifications. Cost effective solutions don’t mean you have to sacrifice quality, since we offer both to our growing list of loyal clients. Wholesale Wood Pellets Distributor Worldwide.


Wood Pellets are a product resulting from the compression of ground wood fibres under extreme pressure, that are then formed into a uniform shape, size and density. Our quality heating pellets and animal bedding are made from clean, quality wood co-products left over from the milling of softwood lumber, which comes from timber harvested in sustainably managed forests. Buy Wood Pellets Online In Bulk!

Wood pellets are small densified cylindrical granules produced by compression of sawdust. As a result, wood pellets are a consistent fuel that can easily be transported and are suited for automated fuel handling systems. Wood Pellets Bulk Suppliers Worldwide


Our Pellets are laboratory analysed before distribution to ensure high quality standards are maintained. Our Wood Pellets for sale have low ash & moisture content and have a high calorific value. Our wood pellets are imported from manufacturing plants in Europe, and are ENplus certified. The Pellets are then screened through a modern screening plant in order to remove the dust, prior to loading for distribution. Wood Pellets For Sale

We deliver wood pellets for sale to many industries including Agricultural, Horticultural, Healthcare, Hospitality & Local Authorities, and this portfolio continues to grow. We have a large customer base in Europe, delivering both small and large quantities in specialised vehicles, as requested by our clients. We also service the Household Market, providing pre filled bags or bulk deliveries. Wood Pellets Wholesale


We understand Animal Bedding, and the demands and requirements of the Equine industry. That’s why our products have become one of the fastest growing and most popular horse bedding used in the Europe. Wood Pellets For Sale

Our wood comes from 100% virgin softwood, or agri products where stated for production, a raw material which is white and bright in colour. Quality is evident throughout the production process. Manufacturer dehydrates the pellets/shavings/shivs down below 0.7% moisture content, and use no recycled or waste content, no additives and no binders in production. Wood Pellets For Sale In Bulk Cheap Price

Wood Pellets Distributors; Whichever product you choose you can rest assured that the final product is first class, supremely absorbent, light in colour, meaning a fluffy bed which is allergy and dust free.

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