How Are Wood Pellets Made


Wood pellets are an extremely versatile fuel source made from compressed sawdust. They have multiple uses besides fuel burning, including wood pellet horse bedding, wood pellet cat litter, wood pellet heating and wood pellet potash for your garden. But have you ever wondered how they are made? This article will provide a complete run-through of the wood pellet production process for those of us who are curious. How Are Wood Pellets Made

Statistics from the Pellet Fuels Institute say the average homeowner might save close to $700 a year by heating their home with pellets instead of propane or heating oil. It’s also important to know that heating with wood pellets instead of propane or oil can cut carbon emissions by nearly 5 tons per home.

How Are Wood Pellets Made


Wood Pellets are manufactured from recycled wooden pallets. We don’t use chemically treated pallets in our process, making our wood pellets 100 percent natural. To make our wood pellets, manufacturers take the following steps;

  • Gathering Raw Materials

A pellet mill is the name of the area by which wood pellets are produced. To start off the cycle, huge amounts of raw materials are brought to the pellet mills in a wide range of structures. For instance, materials can incorporate sawdust, scrap wood, wood chips and in certain occurrences even full trees. All material is handled similarly to guarantee a steady product. All together words, the moisture content, heat output, fire life and ash content of all handled wood pellets will be something very similar. How Are Wood Pellets Made

  • Creating A Unique Form

As referenced, pellet mills can take in raw materials in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Due to this reality, machines are expected to separate the materials into uniform sizes with the goal that they can be handled similarly. Enormous pieces are chopped down into more modest pieces utilizing wood shredders. More modest bits of wood, for example, wood chips and sawdust, are ground down into a steady size by a mallet mill before the drying and squeezing processes occur. How Are Wood Pellets Made

  • Drying

Material accumulated toward the beginning of the interaction might have been impacted by downpour or elevated degrees of mugginess. Also, in addition, a portion of the wood might have been kiln dried, further influencing its moisture content. To accomplish a predictable moisture content, the slashed and ground material is passed into enormous dryer drums which heat the wood and dispose of any overabundance water or different substances. How Are Wood Pellets Made

  • Shaping The Pellets

After the drying system has occurred, the dried sawdust is passed into high tension bites the dust which shape the material into the conspicuous wood pellet shape. During this cycle, the sawdust ties together and the pellet thickness, solidness and size is set. This is a significant stage since certain machines require a particular size of wood pellet, making consistency fundamental.

  • Cooling

Toward the finish of the interaction, the wood pellets stay at a high temperature from the drying and forming stages, making them delicate and in danger of breaking or evolving shape. To safeguard and support the wood pellets, they are moved to a cooling tower for solidifying. How Are Wood Pellets Made

  • Storage

Once enough time has elapsed within the cooling tower, the wood pellets are generally transported to a storage facility for bagging. Once bagged, the wood pellets are ready for general sale and delivery. How Are Wood Pellets Made

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Wood pellets are a spotless consuming, inexhaustible source of energy. You will probably find that consuming wood pellets makes a financially savvy and eco well disposed heating source. Reasons you could decide to heat your home with wood pellets over other energy sources include:

  • Value: One ton of wood pellets is equivalent to around 3 barrels of heating oil as indicated by the Energy Data Organization. Moreover, 1 ton of heating pellets is equivalent to around 1.5 lines of wood. When contrasted with these heating sources, you’ll observe that wood pellets are a greatly improved esteem. Wood pellets provide you with a consistent source of heat for less cash.
  • Simple Maintenance: All our wood pellets contain under 1% ash. Our pellets are spotless consuming in your pellet stove or heater. On account of the low moisture content, our pellets mean less support and cleaning for you. How Are Wood Pellets Made
  • Easy to Use: Pellets are proficient and consume clean. Negligible ash and sediment are produced. A workmanship stack isn’t needed. Pellet heaters and boilers can work close by your current heating framework. Pellet stoves can be introduced in practically any room in the home.
  • Simple to Store: Wood pellets are reduced and thick. This gives them a high heating worth and makes them simple to store. A 1 ton bed of wood pellets takes up around 33% of the extra room expected to hold a line of wood.
  • Easy to Plan: Dissimilar to non-renewable energy source, pellet fuel cost doesn’t vary. The Expense of wood pellets won’t change in light of world occasions. Biomass energy will in general have a steady cost. How Are Wood Pellets Made?

You’ll likewise find that wood pellets make an environmentally cordial heating and energy choice. Wood pellets are:

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  • Clean Burning: The Ecological Insurance Organization (EPA) reports that wood energy pellets are the cleanest consuming strong fuel accessible to purchasers today. Since wood pellets are an inexhaustible, clean consuming energy source, little carbon is produced particularly when contrasted with petroleum products. How Are Wood Pellets Made
  • Recycled: Bio Fiber Energy Srl makes wood pellets from resigned delivering beds that are presently not valuable in the transportation business. This makes an environmentally friendly power source that keeps squander from going to landfills.

It’s likewise essential to realize that Bio Fiber Energy Srl’s wood pellets meet and additionally surpass all U.S. also, European guidelines for premium quality pellets. Pellets are tried by an outsider research facility to guarantee that the top notch mark has been procured. This implies that outsider tests demonstrate that our wood pellets contain under 8% moisture, under 1% ash and have a high heating esteem. How Are Wood Pellets Made

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