How To Use Wood Pellets As Horse Bedding


Horse bedding is utilized in stalls to retain pee and dampness, and is a vital piece of appropriately keeping up with clean stalls. Ideal bedding material makes tidying up wrecks simple, is not difficult to store, and is the most un-inefficient. How To Use Wood Pellets As Horse Bedding

Straw and wood shavings are normally utilized, however involving softwood wood pellets as horse bedding is becoming well known among experienced horse and stable proprietors.

Pellet bedding is ideal for stables with restricted space constraints, in light of the fact that saving pellets occupies fundamentally less room than different other options. One sack of wood pellets takes up just 1.5 cubic feet of room away, yet extends after appropriate wetting to almost 4 cubic feet of bedding.

Since wood pellets are made of thickly compacted, kiln-dried wood fibers – they are two times as spongy as shavings, and hold multiple times the scent end power! How To Use Wood Pellets As Horse Bedding?


How To Use Wood Pellets As Horse Bedding

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for the best horse bedding. In addition to being safe for horses, horse bedding should be:

  1. Readily available and easily accessible
  2. Absorbent
  3. Comfortable for the animal
  4. Compostable
  5. Easy to handle and store
  6. Low in dust
  7. Cost effective

Keeping the above criteria in mind when seeking out a horse bedding will help you find the best material. How To Use Wood Pellets As Horse Bedding


Horse bedding pellets are a smart choice for your stall or habitat, but they aren’t the only choice. Explore other horse bedding options and see how they compare to pellets.

  • Wood Bedding Pellets

Wood pellets meet every one of the models for what to search for in hose bedding. They are sold by the pack or by the ton, so they are promptly accessible and effectively open. Bio Fober Energy Srl bedding is pelletized in a plant and made with low dampness content, making it very permeable. It is adaptable and can be utilized in entire bedding structure or wet to shape sawdust. It is delicate and agreeable for the creature in one or the other structure. How To Use Wood Pellets As Horse Bedding

Our bedding pellets are a hardwood and softwood mix. Pine pellets are likewise normal on the present market. Pellets are a shrewd decision for killing smell in your stable or territory. Bio Fiber Energy Srl’s creature bedding pellets contain no compound added substances. This implies they are ok for yourself as well as your horse. Pellets are low in dust and more secure option for individuals and horses with respiratory issues.

Stalls or natural surroundings had relations with wood pellets are not difficult to clean. Consider cleaning it like a feline litter box. You can eliminate bunches of compost and pee drenched regions without any problem. Since the dirty regions can be effortlessly taken out, a tiny amount makes a huge difference with regards to pellets. This settles on pellets a savvy decision. How To Use Wood Pellets As Horse Bedding

Dirtied pellets can be added to your fertilizer receptacle or heap without any problem. This simplifies removal.

  • Wood Shavings

Wood shavings may be an exemplary bedding decision, yet they likewise probably won’t be the most ideal decision. Shavings aren’t quite as spongy as wood pellets. Also, free shavings are exceptionally dusty. This implies you’ll probably find dust all over the place, from your horse’s fur to the walls of your stable. The residue and shavings can lead to respiratory issues for your horse, as well. How To Use Wood Pellets As Horse Bedding

Shavings can be bought in bulk, yet this implies you’ll require a devoted extra room or container. It is savvy to try not to store shavings in that frame of mind to forestall dust issues. Furthermore, keeping away from cedar shavings is savvy. A horses could have a hypersensitive response to cedar items.

  • Straw

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Straw is another exemplary bedding decision. The straw can be utilized to frame a boundary or matt between the floor of the slow down and where the horse stands. Pee and defecation sink to the base layer of straw. This implies involving a thick layer of straw in your habitat is significant. You could go through 5 parcels of feed each week per horse in your stable. This implies you’ll require heaps of room for capacity. How To Use Wood Pellets As Horse Bedding

One caveat with straw bedding is that is can be dusty and moldy. This can be a problem for horses and people with respiratory problems. One good thing about using straw for horse bedding is that it is highly compostable. Gardeners and farmers appreciate having soiled straw bedding in their compost.

  • Peat Moss

In the event that you peruse equine gatherings on the web, you could find a couple of devoted clients to peat moss bedding. Peat moss is exceptionally delicate for your horse and is known for being extremely retentive. Moreover, peat moss is an extraordinary expansion to your fertilizer pile.

Disadvantages to utilizing peat moss are that it can undoubtedly blow away when it is dry, as it is an exceptionally fine material. Peat moss likewise isn’t the most appealing sort of bedding, as its dim variety can make stalls and habitats look messy. How To Use Wood Pellets As Horse Bedding


Pellets, shavings, straw, peat moss and newspaper aren’t the only bedding options available. There are quite a few alternative bedding options on the market today, too. Waste products like rice hulls, wheat by products, shredded phone books, shredded cardboard and hemp have all been used as horse bedding materials. Some of these products are not ideal for animal bedding, as they can be splinter or feature rough edges. How To Use Wood Pellets As Horse Bedding


Wood pellet bedding helps you keep a healthy, clean habitat for your horses and animals. You might choose wood pellets for a bedding layer for a number of different reasons. These reasons include:

  • 100% natural and free of chemicals
  • Low moisture content and extra absorbent
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Clean and easy to use
  • Low in dust
  • Cost effective

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With so many reasons to choose wood pellets over other kinds of bedding for your barn or habitat, it’s easy to see why pellets are the right choice. How To Use Wood Pellets As Horse Bedding

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